Tips for Table Formatting: Rotating Data in Excel and Pages in Word

I'm working through the last chapter of my thesis this week and ran into some little challenges with table formatting. Originally I had site-year as my rows and soil property as my columns for a particular table, but I decided rotating the table 90 degrees made sense. I didn't want to have to move data… Continue reading Tips for Table Formatting: Rotating Data in Excel and Pages in Word

Averaging Plot Data in R

In agronomy research, its very common to collect 10 plants from a single plot, take measurements on them, and average those measurements. The plot average is the value we run statistics on, whether that means building a regression or running an ANOVA. I've recently seen a lot of my fellow grad students averaging measurements by… Continue reading Averaging Plot Data in R

2019 Preview and Captioning Photos in Word

The primary reason I started Spatially Challenged is to have a lasting record of questions I get asked frequently. Since the American Society of Agronomy meeting in November, I've had a number of questions about terrain derivatives like curvature, terrain wetness index, etc. I promise I've heard those questions and the answers are coming! I… Continue reading 2019 Preview and Captioning Photos in Word