Table of Contents

More writing about writing! I expanded the example word document from the examples on adding captions to figures and line numbers. Now it has two different headings– I’m going to format the headings and make a table of contents.

To format the headings, I’m going to highlight the text and select the “Heading 1” option on the “Home” tab of the main menu (see below).

This is going to turn the heading text blue and change the font to a Word style default. I would rather have my headings match my other text but be bold. To change that, right click on the Heading 1 button and select “Modify” on the menu. This will create a pop up window with style options.

When you change the style of the heading, all the Heading 1 text will change to match.

Now I’m going to add a Table of Contents at the top of my document. I put my cursor where I want the table to go and navigated to the “References” tab on the main menu. From there, click “Table of Contents” on the far left hand side (see below).

It will give you a few tables formats to choose from. You can change the fonts after the table is generated.

Once you make the table of contents, you can keep typing your document. Click on your table of contents and use the “Update Table” button just above the word “Contents” to update the page numbers and heading labels. You can see the final table below. Good luck with your writing process!

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