Table of Figures

Back to the Word example document– this time to make a table of figures.
I’ve already captioned photos here, so this is pretty quick and easy. If you’re looking for more Word formatting tips, check out the permanent page added to the main menu– Writing.

It starts really similarly to making a Table of Contents. Go to References on the main menu tab, then go to the right until you see “Insert Table of Figures.” That will cause a pop out.

In the pop out you can use the Modify button to change texts like you did when making headings (learn more here) or you can just click okay and change the fonts later by highlighting the final table.

After changing my fonts, my table looks like the one below! You can also use the captioning and table tools to make a table of tables. Just change the label type when you make the caption, and then you’ll have more options on the caption label drop down menu when you go to make a table of figures. These formatting features save me lots of hassle, and I hope they help you too!

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