About Me

Hello Readers!

I’m Emma, and right now I’m working on an MS in Crop Science at Ohio State University. My research looks at management zone delineation for variable rate seeding in soybeans. I’m in a soybean and small grains agronomy lab, so when I’m not sitting on my computer with GIS open I spend a lot of time pulling soil samples and taking stand counts.

I have a BS in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife (also from OSU). During undergrad I worked in a honey bee laboratory looking at landscape ecology and insecticide drift.

While at OSU, I’ve had the opportunity to take a range of statistics and GIS courses. These classroom experiences gave me a sense of the tools available for handling spatial data and where to start. More importantly, I’ve had the chance to jump into projects with emma apple pickinglarge spatial data sets. The classes gave me a solid foundation of skills but really can’t compare to what I learned through practice and countless mistakes.

In my free time, I like to ride my bicycle, swing dance, and spend time with my dogs.

Welcome to Spatially Challenged!