Defining Common Terrain Derivatives

Last month I shared some ways to calculate terrain derivatives in SAGA, focusing on the Basic Terrain Analysis function. Today I'm going to give you a quick overview of what each derivative means and some of its potential uses. Let's start with the most intuitive ones. Slope is how fast elevation is changing. A higher… Continue reading Defining Common Terrain Derivatives

Tips for Table Formatting: Rotating Data in Excel and Pages in Word

I'm working through the last chapter of my thesis this week and ran into some little challenges with table formatting. Originally I had site-year as my rows and soil property as my columns for a particular table, but I decided rotating the table 90 degrees made sense. I didn't want to have to move data… Continue reading Tips for Table Formatting: Rotating Data in Excel and Pages in Word

Data Collection Tools Revisited

Taking a break from the SAGA tips and writing about writing to remind you that planting season is fast approaching. While we're all going stir crazy in our offices, take some time to review some data collection tools that may make spring sampling easier on you and your team. I started with some Esri tools,… Continue reading Data Collection Tools Revisited