Inverse Distance Weighting and Kriging in R

I posted a few months ago about a new R package I wrote with Filipe Matias-- it's available for download on GitHub. Last week we extended the GitHub tutorial to include interpolation methods and raster visualization/mapping example code. Spatially Challenged readers have asked me to write tutorials on these techniques before, but I had been… Continue reading Inverse Distance Weighting and Kriging in R

Averaging Plot Data in R– Updated Blog Post

Note: the below was originally written and published in January 2019. I edited the post for clarity and added a few notes on using the Tidyverse suite of packages to do summarize data in R, but you can still find the original here. Not an R user but need an efficient way to average plot… Continue reading Averaging Plot Data in R– Updated Blog Post

Blocking Field Trials and the First Law of Geography

I'm studying for my prelims this semester, which involves going back over the classes I've taken over the last 4 years, reviewing my research proposal, and just generally refreshing my memory about the topics a person with a PhD in agronomy should know. I'm focusing on traditional statistics and experimental designs this week, which reminded… Continue reading Blocking Field Trials and the First Law of Geography

Vocab Word: Multicollinearity

I'm going to continue highlighting words I get asked about regularly. Today's feature: multicollinearity! This is a word you've probably heard about in stats class, but might not know specifically what it is or why it matters. We worry about multicollinearity when we are using multiple independent variables to model one output. One of your… Continue reading Vocab Word: Multicollinearity

Data Downloads: 2017 Ag Census

The 2017 Census of Agriculture results will be released on Thursday, April 11th. If you're looking for updated production information, this is a great resource. Here are some quick facts about the census and some ways to see the results! What is the Census of Agriculture? It's a record of all the humans, animals, and… Continue reading Data Downloads: 2017 Ag Census