Inverse Distance Weighting and Kriging in R

I posted a few months ago about a new R package I wrote with Filipe Matias-- it's available for download on GitHub. Last week we extended the GitHub tutorial to include interpolation methods and raster visualization/mapping example code. Spatially Challenged readers have asked me to write tutorials on these techniques before, but I had been… Continue reading Inverse Distance Weighting and Kriging in R

WI State Cartographer’s Office is Hiring!

Quick note to readers-- the WI State Cartographer's Office is hiring for a few different positions, including entry-level jobs like GIS Technician with flexible requirements for previous GIS experience. You can find the job postings here. While you're at the SCO website, I highly recommend checking out their data downloads and pre-made maps including some… Continue reading WI State Cartographer’s Office is Hiring!

EJSCREEN: a tool for visualizing Environmental Justice

This week I learned about a great tool from the US EPA called EJSCREEN, which allows users to visualize and download data related to environmental justice. The US has a long history of environmental racism, including building highways through predominantly black neighborhoods and using former factory sites for low-income housing. Pollution and increased noise exposure… Continue reading EJSCREEN: a tool for visualizing Environmental Justice

New R package released today: cleanRfield

This fall I developed an R package with Filipe Matias from North Dakota State University. It just got publicly released on Github earlier this evening, and I'd really love if you all check it out here: Some features I'm particularly excited about include the automatic and manual field boundary delineation. There's also example code… Continue reading New R package released today: cleanRfield

R Cheat Sheets: ggplot2- Updated Blog Post

Note: the below was originally written and published in November 2018. I edited the post for clarity and added a few notes on accessing some learning resources in R Studio itself, but you can still find the original here. This month I'm making lots of graphs in R and wanted to share some of the… Continue reading R Cheat Sheets: ggplot2- Updated Blog Post

Publicly Available Data Sets for Learning and Teaching

Whether you're learning basic coding in R or mastering the intricacies of mixed-model ANOVAs in SAS, it helps to have some data to practice with. I frequently make up small data sets for this blog based on random number sequences or subsets of other data I've collected, but when I need larger data sets these… Continue reading Publicly Available Data Sets for Learning and Teaching

R Tutorial by Hasse Walum and Desirée de Leon

I came across this truly delightful introduction to R and summary statistics tutorial while reminding myself how to write functions in R. I was impressed by how Teacups, Giraffes, & Statistics covers R basics with clarity and specificity while being incredibly endearing. This was the first place I've seen interactive R windows on websites, and… Continue reading R Tutorial by Hasse Walum and DesirĂ©e de Leon