Personal update and plans for 2022

Thank you all for reading Spatially Challenged over the years. I started this blog at the beginning of grad school as a way to share GIS resources with friends and colleagues. It’s since grown in both scope and audience, and I’m grateful for everyone who has supported my work over the last five years.

I’m very excited to share with you all that I am wrapping up my PhD at the University of Wisconsin– Madison this month and starting a new job at the University of Florida! Given that this is a pretty big life change that includes a nearly 2,000 mile move, I am going to slow down with blogging for the next 6 months or so.

This website and platform will still exist though! I’ve been updating the static pages this spring (FAQs and About Me are done, the rest I’ll be working on soon), and I have plans to update the alt text and other accessibility features on older blog posts. In the medium-term, I’d like to update the website format to be more searchable so that folks can find older tutorials and other resources.

In the meantime, you can expect a few intermittent posts on the blog and regular tweeting from me @EGmatcham. Thank you again for reading, and I look forward to blogging more again after I get settled in Gainesville!

2 thoughts on “Personal update and plans for 2022”

  1. I’ve only recently come across your blog and have found it really interesting. I’m starting on my path in CS and my hope is to progress into Geospatial in one form or another. Good luck with your move and I’m sure it is well deserved 👍


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