Publicly Available Data Sets for Learning and Teaching

Whether you're learning basic coding in R or mastering the intricacies of mixed-model ANOVAs in SAS, it helps to have some data to practice with. I frequently make up small data sets for this blog based on random number sequences or subsets of other data I've collected, but when I need larger data sets these… Continue reading Publicly Available Data Sets for Learning and Teaching

R Tutorial by Hasse Walum and Desirée de Leon

I came across this truly delightful introduction to R and summary statistics tutorial while reminding myself how to write functions in R. I was impressed by how Teacups, Giraffes, & Statistics covers R basics with clarity and specificity while being incredibly endearing. This was the first place I've seen interactive R windows on websites, and… Continue reading R Tutorial by Hasse Walum and DesirĂ©e de Leon

Averaging Plot Data in R– Updated Blog Post

Note: the below was originally written and published in January 2019. I edited the post for clarity and added a few notes on using the Tidyverse suite of packages to do summarize data in R, but you can still find the original here. Not an R user but need an efficient way to average plot… Continue reading Averaging Plot Data in R– Updated Blog Post

Data Structures in R

Before I learned R, I had previously only programmed in Matlab. Matlab and R have comparable options for data types and treat objects very similarly, but R, and specifically the Tidyverse, has this whole other vocabulary for data structures. Understanding the differences between matrices, data frames, and other data structures made learning R easier for… Continue reading Data Structures in R

Lab Methods for Soil Testing

I occasionally write for another blog on my advisor's website and thought some readers here may be interested in a recent post-- Lab Methods for Soil Testing. I broke down some common methods for measuring soil test phosphorous and potassium. These methods can be important when you're comparing your soil test values to the critical… Continue reading Lab Methods for Soil Testing