Setting up in RStudio

Hey all– quick post today just to share a great resource from Piping Hot Data. If you’re a new RStudio user, I’d recommend checking out their article Introducing RStudio and R Markdown. RStudio has a 4 panel main screen and many custom display options that can be a little overwhelming at first. The GIFs from Piping Hot Data are a great way to learn which options are available and how to find them in the RStudio menus.

While you’re setting up RStudio, try changing your theme in the the personalization/ appearance tabs. Some of the options with bright text colors and darker backgrounds make it easier for me to troubleshoot my own code, especially when my eyes are tired at the end of the day. I’ve been using Tomorrow Night Blue lately.

Options pop-up in RStudio, opened to the Appearance tab. The Tomorrow Night Blue editor theme is demonstrated on the right.

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