Navigation Pane

Two quick things I forgot to add last week when I wrote about tables of contents (catch up on the previous post here).

First, you can use the “Heading 2” or “Heading 3” buttons to make subheadings. Subheadings can have different text formatting from the main headings and can be indented on the table of contents.

The second thing was the navigation pane. If you use Word’s heading formatting tools, you can go to “View” on the main menu tab and check the box next to “Navigation Pane.” The navigation pane will appear on the left side with your headings. You can click a heading and it will take you right to that page. It’s not super helpful with this short document, but I use it a lot for my thesis. See the picture below for an example of the navigation pane, and sorry for forgetting those last week!

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