Line Numbers

Another little Word tip! When I collaborate on a document, I like to have line numbers in the margin. Then I can call people and ask them, “What do you think about page 5 line 15?” instead of, “What do you think about the 3rd sentence of the 2nd paragraph on page 5?” Is it absolutely necessary? Not really, but I like having them there. It’s also nice because it only counts lines of text (not embedded images), which is helpful if you’re prepping a piece of writing to post elsewhere where length matters.


To get line numbers, go to “Page Layout” on the main menu and click “Line Numbers.” This will give you a few options, like whether the numbers will start over every page or go continuously.


The finished output looks something like this:

Now you know how to add line numbers! And even better, from these steps you can probably figure out how to turn them off if I add them to a document you ask me to proofread and you hate them. đŸ™‚ Happy writing!

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