Paper Size in QGIS 3 Print Layouts

I make most of my maps for publications and presentations in QGIS using the Print Layout feature. This is a wonderfully detailed tutorial if you want to learn more about print layouts. Right now I'm using the print layout to make maps of pH, organic matter, and soil test potassium to include in an update… Continue reading Paper Size in QGIS 3 Print Layouts

Global Yield Gap Atlas

I've used the Global Yield Gap Atlas for a few projects over the last couple years, and it's a great resource. GYGA measures the yield gap (difference between potential yield and achieved yield) of many crops grown in many environments, and provides downloadable data for other researchers. One tool I use from GYGA is their… Continue reading Global Yield Gap Atlas

Choosing Chart Types

Have you ever wanted an infographic about making infographics? I found this one when looking for a succinct summary of some cool new visualization types like bubble charts and word clouds and thought it was worth sharing. Infographic from Venngage available here: The above infographic focuses on the goals of your graphic. Do you… Continue reading Choosing Chart Types

David Rumsy Map Collection

If you're excited about maps, you have to check out the David Rumsy Map Collection. This 30 year project has amassed over 150,000 maps and has been using high-resolution scanning to digitize the collection. The digital maps are available for free non-commercial use through a Creative Common License, making this a great resource when you're… Continue reading David Rumsy Map Collection