Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Decimal Degrees, and Eastings and Northings

I've worked on two different multi-state fertilizer trials this year. Typically for these types of projects, collaborators from many different labs agree to all apply the same treatments, take the same measurements, and submit data to a single person to analyze and publish. I get the weirdly satisfying (and occasionally frustrating) job of formatting the… Continue reading Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Decimal Degrees, and Eastings and Northings

Paper Size in QGIS 3 Print Layouts

I make most of my maps for publications and presentations in QGIS using the Print Layout feature. This is a wonderfully detailed tutorial if you want to learn more about print layouts. Right now I'm using the print layout to make maps of pH, organic matter, and soil test potassium to include in an update… Continue reading Paper Size in QGIS 3 Print Layouts

Selecting a Projection for Spatial Analysis

More map making! When you're first starting a new project and have data files in different projections, you can still view all your data together at once, using something called on-the-fly projection (a common feature of most GIS software). On-the-fly projection displays all your files using your "project CRS" and lets you have map layers… Continue reading Selecting a Projection for Spatial Analysis