Project CRS

Sometimes when you’re generating new layers in QGIS, you don’t get the results you’re expecting. This could be due to your Project CRS being in weird units or not matching the other files you’re working with.

I broke out the same example file as the last few posts to show you how to change your Project CRS. Start by going to the Project tab on the main menu, and then navigating to “Project Properties” (see the image below).

Clicking “Project Properties” will open a pop-up window. Go to “CRS” on the left-hand menu of the pop-up. You can use the “Filter” tool to search for the CRS you want (first blue circle). Then just click the right CRS to highlight it (second blue circle) and hit Okay to change your Project CRS (see right).

I usually don’t intentionally set my Project CRS when I’m starting a procedure in QGIS, but it’s one of the first things I check when I’m troubleshooting. It doesn’t take long and can make your research tools or other GIS activities work in a more predictable manor, so it’s usually worth trying.

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