Export Resolution in Draw.io

Last winter I briefly highlighted Draw.io, a free flow charting tool comparable to Microsoft Visio (see that intro here). I use Draw.io pretty frequently, but I still haven't written more detailed how-tos for Spatially Challenged. The interface is pretty user-friendly, so I didn't think there was much worth a step-by-step article. Today is the first… Continue reading Export Resolution in Draw.io

Vocab Words: Perpendicular, Orthogonal, and Normal

I've been digging through (and talking about) definitions of different terrain attributes this week, and one question I got a few times was, "What does orthogonal mean?" Every time I tried to define orthogonal, I used the word perpendicular, so it seemed wise to just define that one today too. Let's start with perpendicular. This… Continue reading Vocab Words: Perpendicular, Orthogonal, and Normal