Export Resolution in Draw.io

Last winter I briefly highlighted Draw.io, a free flow charting tool comparable to Microsoft Visio (see that intro here). I use Draw.io pretty frequently, but I still haven't written more detailed how-tos for Spatially Challenged. The interface is pretty user-friendly, so I didn't think there was much worth a step-by-step article. Today is the first… Continue reading Export Resolution in Draw.io

Data Collection Tools Revisited

Taking a break from the SAGA tips and writing about writing to remind you that planting season is fast approaching. While we're all going stir crazy in our offices, take some time to review some data collection tools that may make spring sampling easier on you and your team. I started with some Esri tools,… Continue reading Data Collection Tools Revisited

Free Digital Data Collection Tools

Earlier this month I shared some Esri tools (Survey123 and Collector) that work well for field data collection. Today I'm sharing some free alternatives to Esri products. Google Forms is an easy alternative to Survey123. If you go to Google Drive and click the "New" button, you'll have the option to build a new Form,… Continue reading Free Digital Data Collection Tools

Uploading Coordinates into a Map

Fall semester is here, which means we're juggling classes and planning for harvest. Over the next week or two I'll highlight some tools we use for fall data collection, including Survey 123, Collector for ArcGIS, and Google Forms. My first related post won't introduce any of these apps, but instead will use Google Maps to… Continue reading Uploading Coordinates into a Map

Help me find this place again: how to drop, save, and send pins in Google Maps

Let's say you are scouting a field and notice a tile blowout. You need to communicate the location of this problem to your employer, the field owner, or an employee. While you could say something along the line of "go to Field X at the NE corner of County Road Y and Section Line Road… Continue reading Help me find this place again: how to drop, save, and send pins in Google Maps