EPSG Numbers and Coordinate Reference Systems

Over the last month or so I've had a little series about how we describe positions on the globe and how we visualize spherical space on a 2D map. I started with big picture information, like why we care about map projections. Last week began giving more concrete advice for picking a projected or unprojected… Continue reading EPSG Numbers and Coordinate Reference Systems

Selecting a Projection for Spatial Analysis

More map making! When you're first starting a new project and have data files in different projections, you can still view all your data together at once, using something called on-the-fly projection (a common feature of most GIS software). On-the-fly projection displays all your files using your "project CRS" and lets you have map layers… Continue reading Selecting a Projection for Spatial Analysis

GIS Workshop in Columbus, OH

Byrd Polar Research Center and University Libraries are offering another basic GIS course. I heard great things about last year's workshop and wanted to share this opportunity with you. This year's focuses on Google and Esri based tools. Students are encouraged to bring laptops and mobile devices to get some hands-on experience. If you're in… Continue reading GIS Workshop in Columbus, OH